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Let's be curious...

About you, your future vision and how we can partner together to empower you to make it happen.

Stephen Clements - The Curious Coach

Hi there! I'm Stephen Clements, The Curious Coach, an ACC credentialed coach with the International Coaching Federation (ICF).  I'm based in Ireland and have the pleasure of working with clients across Europe (and beyond) to gain clarity around their vision, purpose and goals in life.  I mostly work with experienced working professionals who are starting to question their path and seeking clarity on what might be next for them.

Coaching starts with a conversation.  We talk together; I listen, ask questions, and help you to be curious about… you!  Simple, right?  No hocus pocus or mystery involved!  However, there’s nothing simple about the difference this can make to how you show-up to live your life.

Unlike normal conversations, we’ll partner together to create a unique engagement where you will feel truly listened to and heard.  You won't be judged and you won't be bombarded with advice.  As a result, you’ll gain clarity on what’s important to you and explore how to move towards that future you are looking to create.

When you have clarity on what you’re trying to achieve, a lot of the practical and tactical stuff will fall into place.  From our very first session we will work to understand your vision, goal and objectives, ensuring that we’re both clear and able progress in the right direction.  As more clarity emerges throughout the coaching process, we’ll review, revisit and update to ensure that we’re always on track and delivering the results that you want to achieve.  This isn’t a generic process with a pre-prescribed framework and set of tools;    instead, it’s a bespoke process that’s catering for your specific and unique needs.

Are you ready to take control of where you're heading?  To gain clarity?  To stop dreaming and start moving towards your vision of you in the future?  If so, let's talk.

I appreciate that taking the first step can be difficult; and that you probably have lots of questions.  Not least, you’re probably wondering is coaching right for you, and if so, whether I’m the right coach for you?  How much will all this cost?  And is it worth it? And lots more!

To help answer those questions, let’s simply talk – at no cost.  We can have an initial complementary session where we can answer any questions, experience a taste of how I coach, and figure out whether we are the right fit to work together.  If you’re ready to arrange this session, please click the button below.

Want to find out more about me?

To learn more about me as a person, visit the about me box below.  Or if you've like to know more about my coaching philosophy, you'll find it below as well.

Still have questions? You'll find a Contact-Me button at the bottom of every page and I'd love to hear from you - so please get in touch!

About Me
Want to know more about me and how I went from running a product engineering department to becoming a professional coach - you'll find lots of details here!
My Coaching Philosophy
Read more about my coaching philosophy and gain more insights into my coaching approach and beliefs