Don't look back with regrets

You deserve to live your life

I can help you take back your control

You work hard. You're busy. You're successful.
And yet you dream of a different life...

Do you feel stuck on a treadmill?

Are you working really hard to go nowhere?

Do you prioritise work over living?

Are you neglecting your own health and self-care?

Do you struggle to maintain boundaries?

Are you missing out on the fun life has to offer?

Are you looking after everything else except yourself?

Are you heading for burnout?

Are you ready to take back control and start living the life you deserve? If so, I'm ready to be your guide

International Coaching Federation (Ireland)

Coach of the Year 2020

Your trusted coaching partner.

Working with clients across Ireland, UK and Europe.

Stephen Clements ICF Ireland Coach of the Year 2020

What people say about working with me

Take back your control

Clarity on what's important

A roadmap to where you're heading

Managing boundaries

Increased well-being

Renewed drive & motivation

Balance & Inner peace

Watch this short video to learn how to start

Are you ready to take back your control and live the life you deserve?

Start with these 3 steps…


Schedule a call.  During this complimentary clarity session we discuss your desired outcomes, address any questions and see if we’re a fit to work together.


Having agreed to work together, we now partner to dissect the work into the core pieces, develop a plan and have clear measures of success.


Over the agreed timeframe, usually 3,6 or 12 months, we execute the plan.  I’m here along side you every step of the way: supporting, challenging, and helping you keep on track.

My promise to you

Before we commit to work together, we’ll both be completely clear on the following:

Whether we are the right fit to work together

The outcomes you are looking to achieve

Your commitment, the duration and costs involved

Like you, I don’t stand still. I'm constantly learning and looking at ways to grow

Why settle for good when great is an option?

Combined with 25+ years working in high tech industries across multiple sectors: developing products, managing and leading teams, working at a senior level

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