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What I offer

I work with talented and highly skilled subject matter experts to discover and unlock their leadership potential so they can become truly inspirational thought-leaders  that others will want to follow.  Amongst other things, I help them to develop confidence, self-awareness and self-belief which will complement their  deep technical skills.

I offer one-to-one coaching sessions where we meet, either in person or virtually, to focus on your desired outcome.  This is a safe, confidential space where we can work in partnership to create self-awareness through open and honest conversation, active listening and powerful questioning.

Coaching requires space and time when you are free from distractions and your normal busy routine. To this end, I typically conduct coaching sessions early in the morning, evenings or at the weekends where you’re more likely to free from the demands that your normal day job may place on you.  It’s about finding the right approach that will work for you and your particular circumstances; creating the right circumstances that will lead to a successful outcome .

During an initial free meeting, we’d talk briefly to see if we can work together and for me to answer any questions you may have about the coaching process.  If you decide to proceed, we’d create together a personalised coaching plan that will be tailored for your particular area of focus, desired outcome and agree the cost.  This plan will cover how many sessions, how often and the duration of each session, along with a lot more detail about how we will work together.  Coaching isn’t an ongoing process where you don’t know the end point or final cost.  It’s for a defined period of time, after which, you’ll be sufficiently self-aware to continue your progress by yourself.

One-to-One sessions are typically anywhere from 60-90 minutes in duration.  To give you an idea, a typical coaching engagement may require anywhere from 6-12 hours of coaching, meeting every 2-3 weeks. Pricing is based on the entire coaching programme rather than individual sessions.  In between times, I’m available via email or phone or short follow-ups should anything arise.

After our first session, during which we created the coaching plan together, you’re responsible for determining which area we need to focus on in the subsequent sessions – this is your journey and you’re in control.  As your coach, I’ll listen, reflect back what I’m hearing and seeing, and ask questions to help create awareness.  This will be done in a non-judgemental way.  The aim is to challenge any self-limited beliefs, assumptions, and to help you create awareness.  With this new awareness, you will be able to find actions and solutions that may otherwise have eluded you.

Coaching requires an environment of openness and trust.  Confidentiality is therefore an important part of this.  As your coach, I will protect your confidentiality but there are some limitations:  if I’m legally compelled to do so; or should you disclose that you’ve committed, or about to commit, a crime; or plan to do harm to yourself or others.  This limitations will be clearly explained both during our initial session and within the coaching agreement.

As a professional coach, I am a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF) and bound by the ICF Code of Ethics.  I continue to develop my coaching skills though continued professional development and coaching supervision.   I’m also covered by professional indemnity insurance.  

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