Triad Practice For Coaches

Triad Practice is an integral part of any decent coach training programme. However, many coaches stop triad practice once their course is over – which is a shame as there’s great learning to be had from triad practice!

These periodic sessions run every couple of months and are open to any coach who wants to continue their learning through deliberate practice and a safe place in which to experiment.

In triads each person will take turns in being a coach, a client and an observer.  Each time, the observer will give evidence based feedback using the ICF Core Competencies.

To ensure feedback is delivered in an appropriate manner, there is a requirement that any coaches wishing to join in a group, must complete a free self-paced training session.

 Details will be sent upon registration.  There is also a minimal cost  of €10 per triad to cover administration costs and ensure commitment. 

Register here to receive details of when the next triad session is happening and to access the free training.

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