What’s it like to work with Stephen?

Your journey is unique, and it’s natural to have questions and uncertainties when embarking on a new path. To give you a sense of what you might experience while working with me, you’ll find below some testimonials from those who have walked this path before you. These are the voices of engineers, technologists and others who work in intellectually demanding fields, who, like you, faced challenges and sought a way back to balance, enjoyment, and purpose. Please remember each individual’s journey is different, and while these testimonials share common themes of growth and transformation, your own story will be uniquely yours.

“Stephen supported me to reconnect with my truest most natural self and what I wanted, my big vision. I know myself well but Stephen helped me to go deeper and truly connect with my whole self. There is so much noise in today’s world, coaching with Stephen eliminated the noise and allowed me to listen (fully) to myself. Coaching helped me to simplify a lot about my work and life. Was it transformational? – yes. I’m eternally grateful, Stephen. Thank you.”

Maryjane, Ireland

“Stephen is fantastic at what he does & really intuitive on what’s needed at a point in time. Stephen’s approach & expertise & knowledge is boundless, anyone that is lucky enough to work with Stephen will not be disappointed!”

Siobhán, Ireland

“Stephen’s questioning style led me to a better understanding of my own thought processes & knowing what’s truly important to me. This is key to my decision making going forward.”

Gearóid, Ireland

“While working with Stephen, I was able to see a version of myself that I couldn’t see or reach; he guided & provided a series of tools that I will keep using, especially in my professional life. Stephen helped me see with new eyes, and prepared me for my next steps! Thank you, Stephen!”

Irma, Ireland

“Stephen was my coach in an Emotional Intelligent Leadership program. We had regular coaching sessions on a monthly basis and I found these sessions very valuable. Stephen is an excellent listener and can guide the dialogue in a meaningful manner. This helped me to organise my thoughts and focus on matters which I have not paid much attention in the past. Overall, these conversations helped me acknowledge much better my strengths and areas for improvement.”

Perttu, Finland

“Stephen is coaching me for over a year now and helping me with stress and burn out complaints. He is an active listener and provides practical tips and tricks to work on. He had guided me along my difficult journey to move forward and face my fear and stress to how to break the habits and improve my own self confidence and self control to break out of the stress and fear building up during the day. Stephen I really like your approach and coaching style. I really feel safe and comfortable talking to you and sharing my personal problems. Thank you for being there for me and helping me improve myself.”

Robbert, Netherlands

“Stephen and I have engaged over the past six months with him as my coach. I have returned from a maternity leave, launched straight into Covid and an incredibly stressful role. Over the past number of months Stephen has been able to support me through a number of hurdles from my confidence to helping articulate my strengths and explain my value. He is continually present at every session, focused and dedicated to my development identifying patterns in my behaviour and allowing me to support myself through the process.”

Lucy, Ireland

“Stephen has exceptional coaching skills on very difficult topic. I didn’t even understand what coaching was before Stephen. He gently guided me to right direction and let me experience the joy of discover.”

Timo, Finland

“Stephen facilitated really helpful and focused conversations across this journey – probing constructively and promoting growth. I’ve come away with a suite of tools to support my continued growth and development.”

Duane, Northern Ireland

“I really enjoyed working with Stephen. His creativity through coaching aligned with my way of thinking and he is incredibly intuitive when it comes to any issues you may be feeling at the time of your session. His wonderful listening skills and talent in uncovering the root of a problem meant that every session we had felt like I had learned something new about myself. These sessions not only opened my eyes to certain values I have but he also provided practical skills to deal with future challenges I may face. I would highly recommend Stephen as a coach and really enjoyed the time we worked together.”

Sinéad, Ireland

“Stephen has been an amazing coach who facilitated my growth during my time at the Zinc Academy. He helped me to learn new ways of approaching challenges as well as challenging situations that were difficult to carry. His assertive but gently style calmed my busy brain in order to guide my thinking, help to reflect on my actions and behaviour. I would wholeheartedly recommend Stephen. Thank you.”

Eva, UK

“Stephen has this uncanny ability to marry curiosity with intuition of what’s behind the surface. He shows up as a true coaching partner that makes opening up natural and easy and his intuition paired with his genuinely curious and non-judgmental inquiry enable you to reflect on and realise realities that you might not usually look at. Stephen’s calmness is paired with a deep understanding of the coaching process that makes you feel confident on the journey of discovery.”

Miriam, Germany

“This was my first ever experience with coaching, and I felt comfortable talking to a knowledgeable coach with a shared technical background. Stephen really helped in shaking away the introvert in me, learning how to be more confident and being able to vocalise my internal ideas to communicate more effectively. Stephen is a great listener, and challenges you to really get to the bottom of your own thought process!”

Dimitris, UK

“During our conversations he has been a very energetic listener with no judging attitude, demonstrating understanding and always making the effort to ask those questions that would allow me to understand my needs better and finally reach my goals. Thank you Stephen, it has been great working with you.”

Georgia, Ireland

“You have a beautiful way to coach – always sensing what exercise or discussion was needed and important for me at a time. I feel that, with your guidance, I’ve grown mentally so much and I am ready for my professional next steps..”

Ulla, Finland

“Stephen was the first coach I’d ever had, and he helped me through a transition phase while I was part of a tech incubator: Going from idea, to investment to team and product. With his guidance and support I was able to able to deal with rejection, challenges, and stay the course!”

Deborah, UK