Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to me, and as such, I’ve attempted to write this privacy policy in plain, everyday language that will be hopefully be clear and not full of legal jargon.  To that end, I’d ask if you have any concerns, please contact me to discuss (See contact details at bottom of this document).

There’s a few different areas of privacy that are covered on this page.

(a)  Your privacy when engaging me as your coach

(b)  Your privacy when simply browsing my website

(c)  Your privacy when using online tools I host on my website

As a coach

If you choose to engage me as your coach, then I’m bound by the International Coach Federation (ICF) Code of Ethicswhich covers matters my professional behaviour. Confidentiality is paramount.  Any information you provide me during our coaching engagement will be used solely for the purposes of providing you with coaching.

I will maintain confidentiality except in the following circumstances:

  • I am compelled to break confidentiality by law (i.e., court order) as coaching isn’t protected in the same way a doctor and patient would be protected
  • If you tell me that you’re going to do harm to yourself or others
  • If you tell me you’ve committed, or going to commit, a crime.

As a professional coach, I also engage with coach supervision to help me develop further as a coach and for my own self-care.   When working with a supervision I may discuss aspects of the coaching I’m providing so that I can learn, validate and understand myself better as a coach. When sharing these aspects, no personally identifiable information is shared with the supervisor and its more focused on how I’m being as a coach, rather than any particular client.   I will always work with a supervisor who is a member of the ICF and also bound by the same code of ethics that I am bound by.

During our initial contracting session, I will create a document that will contain details of how we will work together, the goals of coaching and other aspects of our partnership.  This will be shared with you and is our agreement about how we will work together.  I will also keep a copy of this document for seven years to comply with any legal and insurance requirements.  After such time, it will be destroyed.   This agreement, which we co-create, will also contain details of any other notes, actions or data that we agree to capture and how they will be handled.

Browsing my website

When browsing my website, I don’t store or track personal details about you – HOWEVER I do use Google Analytics to measure engagement on my website.  The web host I use, SiteGround may also maintain server logs which will be used in the event of any security issues. I also use a service provided by to enable traffic to my website to be encrypted and to help maintain the security of the website.  Through this site, I get rudimentary statistics on the geographic area where traffic to my website originates but no other personally identifiable information.  It’s interesting to look at every now out of curiosity but this information isn’t used by me for any purpose.  may log specific information for the sole purposes of providing their respective services – please check with the individual privacy policies for third party as sadly they’re outside of my control..

Google Analytics – I use Google Analytics to get statistics about vistors to my website.   This doens’t allow me to track specific users but rather to obtain general stats about unique visitors to my site.   Whilst I don’t get specific user details, Google may be gathering different data – please check with their specific privacy policy or install the plug-in to prevent google from tracking you.

Using Online Tools I host on my website

I host a number of tools I make available through my website or to which you may have received a link via social media or other third party.  These are as follows:

(a)  Sign-up/subscribe to my email newsletter.  By signing up to my newsletter, you provide me with your email address and are consenting to me sending you a newsletter via email about the services I offer, coaching articles or other information within the area of coaching and leadership development.  When I send the emails (which are infrequent) there will be an option to unsubscribe and I promise not to bombard you with emails.  The only information that gets stored is the email address and name that you have provided.

(b)  Scheduling appointments to talk me with.  I use a service from https://calendly.comto schedule appointments with me.  When you make an appointment request via the online form on my website or other tools, I’ll ask for certain details to help me understand the nature of the appointment and how to contact you.  I only use this information for the purposes of having the meeting you’ve requested.  The information you provide will not be used to market services to you or to send you promotional emails for my services.

(c)  Online assessments.  I use an online assessment tool (quiz) which was created by WBECS (World business & Executive Coach Summit) and hosted at This tool is linked from my website and you may also reach it via certain posts on social media.  This tool enables people to rate themselves on a scale from 1 – 12 for a number of questions. A report is then generated and shared via email  This is a free assessment that I offer and those who participate will provide contact information so that they can receive the PDF copy of the report.  When you use this assessment, I’ll also be able to review your results and see your email address.  It is entirely your choice if you then choose to arrange an appointment with me to discuss your results in details.

Any questions or concerns?

If you’ve any concerns, or want to make any specific requests under GDPR, please contact me using:

·     Email:

·     Post: Stephen Clements, Bysands Limited, 17 Elmbrook Lawn, Lucan, K78 PH32, Ireland


From time to time I’ll need to update this privacy policy and I reserve the right to make those changes and make the newest version available via my website. The last modifications where made to this document on the 6th August 2020