The Curious Coach Podcast

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Welcome to The Curious Coach Podcast. This brand new podcast explores my journey into the world of professional coaching and comes in two different episode format:  a monthly version which dives deeper into a coaching related topic or interview; and a weekly mini episode in the form of a curiousity challenge to help create self-awareness.  

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So if you’re interested in coaching – whether developing yourself as a coach, applying a coaching approach to your management role, or maybe considering getting yourself a coach, then this podcast series should be just what you’re looking for.

To listen - search for The Curious Coach Podcast where ever you listen to podcasts, or vist the episode pages below to listen via the website.   Quick links:  iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, Podbean and TuneIn.

Episode 1: The Curious Coach begins

Episode 2: Curiosity Challenge: Simply Be

Episode 3: Curiosity Challenge: Advice

Episode 4: Curiosity Challenge: Receiving Advice

Episode 5: Curiosity Challenge: The Year Ahead

Episode 6: Curiosity Challenge: Labels

Episode 7: Interview with Ailbhe Harrington, PCC

Episode 8: Curiosity Challenge: Gratitude

Episode 9: Curiosity Challenge: Distractions

Episode 10: Curiosity Challenge: Reframing

Episode 11: Curiosity Challenge: Strengths

Episode 12:  Interview with Bernie Rogers

Episode 13: Curiosity Challenge: Strengths in others

Episode 14: Curiosity Challenge: Positive Emotions

Episode 15: Curiosity Challenge: Breathing

Episode 16: Curiosity Challenge: Gremlins

Episode 17:  Curiosity Challenge: Metaphors

Episode 18: Interview with Colin Brett

Episode 19:  Curiosity Challenge: Timeout

Episode 20:  Curiosity Challenge: Journeys

Episode 21: Curiosity Challenge: Who Am I?

Episode 22: Curiosity Challenge:  Self Care

Episode 23: Curiosity Challenge: Learnings

Episode 24: Interviews with Josh Daniel, Paula Sheridan & Maria Marinaro

Episode 25:  Curiosity Challenge:  Triggers

Episode 26: Curiosity Challenge:  Storytelling

Episode 27: Curiosity Challenge: Acceptance

Episode 28: Reflective Question:  How do I measure my success?

Episode 29: Interview with Valerie O'Hanlon - Life & Career Coach

Episode 31: Reflective Question:  Letting go

Episode 32: Reflective Question: Comfort Zone

Episode 33: Reflective Question: Success

Episode 34:  Reflective Question:  Self-love

Episode 35: Reflective Question: Making Space

Episode 36: Interview with Linda McLoughin, MCC

Episode 37: Reflective Question: Pausing

Episode 38: Reflective Question: Right now!

Episode 39: Reflective Question: How far have you come?

Episode 40: Reflective Question: What to say yes to?

Episode 41: Interview with Karen Dean, MCC

Episode 42: Reflective Quesitons: Emotions

Episode 43: Reflective Question: Inner Child

Episode 44: Reflective Question: Routines

Episode 45: Reflective Question:  Rushing around in circles

Episode 46:  Reflective Question: Scrabble

Episode 47: Reflective Question:  What's holding you back?

Episode 48: Reflective Question: Change

Episode 49: Reflective Question: Blindspots

Episode 50: Reflective Question: Accountability

Episode 51: Interview:  Clare Norman, PCC

Episode 52: Reflective Question:  Trees