The Curious Coach Podcast

Episode 116:
Mini: Inaction

Are you deluding yourself about the regular and decisive action that you’re taking when it comes to achieving your dreams and goals?  In fact, might it be the exact opposite where you have inaction?

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Hi there and welcome to the latest episode of the curious coach podcast. A big focus of this podcast is on reflection and being in the now. However, this week, I want to invite you to look to the future and the dreams and ideas that you might be holding.

As you imagine that future that you might be working towards, are you taking clear decisive action, each day, that will move you closer to your dream? All too often we might have great dreams and visions about the future, and pretend to ourselves that we are making progress towards them, only to get frustrated by the lack of progress.

However, sometimes – if we’re truly honest with ourselves, we’re pretending to be busy taking action, but in reality we’re doing the exact opposite – we’re avoiding taking action but deluding ourselves into thinking that we are.

So that’s my challenge for you this week – reflect honestly on whether you are taking regular action that is moving you closer towards the direction you want to head, or are you really fooling yourself? And actions don’t have to be massive, a series of small, incremental actions that you regularly build upon is better than massive action once in a blue moon.

If you find that you’re not taking the decisive action you thought you were, what’s getting in the way? And reflect upon what resources you might need to help you move forward? Usually there’s things like knowledge, money, time and energy – and a lack of one or more of these might be just one of the reasons that’s stopping you. Play around with this – for instance, if you felt you didn’t have enough time, reflect on what would actions you might take if you did have more time? Can you come up with a list of actions or is something else getting in the way? If you do come up with a list, can you now break these down into more manageable chunks that fit into the time that you do have?

I’d love to say that I’ve mastered this one myself, but thankfully, I’m only human and there are times when I can procrastinate and pretend to myself only to discover my own inaction – so this is a work in progress for me too.

As always, I’d love to hear how you got on, so please feel free to leave me a comment on LinkedIn or drop me an email to [email protected] – thanks for listening and until next time – don’t forget, stay curious.