The Curious Coach Podcast

Episode 114:
Mini: Overwork & Burnout

In this episode I’m looking for your thoughts on how we’re all working harder and harder these days – to the point of overworking and potentially on the path to burnout.  And if you’re travelling that path, what needs to happen for you to take a different path and make a change?

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Hi there and welcome to latest episode of The Curious Coach Podcast.  This week I’ve been reflecting on overworking and burnout.   There’s a growing body of research to confirm what many people already know – throughout the pandemic, office workers who’ve been able to keep working remotely, have in fact been working longer hours.  And it appears that the working day has become up to 3 hours longer in some cases.

Whilst we’ve saved time by not having to commute, much of this time has been replaced by more work;  where previously, it would have been time to transition from home to work and then back again – a way to decompress, unwind, and so on.  Add to that, the lack of transition from one meeting to another – simple because we no don’t have to physically get up and move office or conference rooms – we simply click a button.

And all of this is inevitable taking a toll on our physical and mental health.  

At the same, many of us are aware that we’re working longer and harder than ever before, yet we’re still choosing to do so – we may not view it as a choice – however, ultimately, it is – for many, it might be an unconscious choice, and yet it’s still a choice. 

And that got me thinking – how long is the pathway between overworking and reaching the point of burnout.  Obviously, once we reach the point of burnout, we can no longer ignore the emotional and physical signs.  So, what might help us to become aware sooner and proactively start to make a change?

Overworking, and ultimately burnout, can impact many areas of our ‘being’ – our physical health can suffer due to not getting enough exercise, or eating and drinking emotionally rather than healthily and our emotional tank simply runs out of fuel and can impact our relationship with ourself as well as others.

So that’s my question for you this week.  If you were walking, or maybe even running, towards burnout, what would it take for you to want to proactively do something about it?  It might be a courageous first step, or maybe a warning sign, as you realise that the path you’re on isn’t sustainable, and it’s probably different for each and everyone of us. 

So, I’d really love to hear your thoughts on this – as I’m still reflecting on this myself.  It’s a chicken and egg situation – when you realise the path you’re on, you can seek help, however, we’re usually blind to that path until something pretty major happens.  So what’s the answer?

Please drop me your thoughts via email to [email protected] or leave me a comment on LinkedIn – and yes, that’s Stephen with a PH!   Thanks for listening, and until next time, stay curious!