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Episode 111:
Mini: Time

This week I’m curious about time.  Where do you spend most of your time?  Is it reflecting on future events, past events or in the present moment?  And what is the emotional energy that you’re creating as a result.

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Hi there and welcome to this latest episode of The Curious Coach podcast.  This week I’m curious about time.  Now, I know we could get all philosophical and meta-physical about time and maybe it’s best to avoid that discussion in this short podcast.

Instead, I find I’m being curious about reflecting on where do you spend most of your time?  Is it reflecting on future events, past events or in the present moment?  For example, maybe something has happened in the past and you find yourself going back to that point, maybe beating yourself up because you realised you messed up and you’re ruminating on what you could have done differently, or maybe going back to a happy moment where you had a great success or really achieved something.

Maybe you’re dreaming about the future instead.  Dreaming about the life might have one day.  Thinking about how happy you’ll be when that new purchase arrives, or when you get that promotion. 

This week’s challenge is all about simply noticing where are you placing most of your attention – is it on the past or on future?  And as you do, be curious about any emotions that you’re noticing as a result.  And is that emotional energy serving you in the here and now?

Time, memories, dreams, past and present – all have a funny correlation.  As human beings, we can’t experience any other time, other than this present moment.  When we relive memories or experiences, or dream about the future, we are subjectively experiencing them in the now. 

What would happen if we brought more of our attention to the here and now.  In some ways, this is what underlies certain aspects of mindfulness.  Rather than letting your mind wander, instead, it’s about bring all your attention to what you’re doing in this moment.  And as you do, realise what is within your control, right now.  In doing so you can influence the emotional energy that you’re creating which can influence how you’re feeling and your own actions and behaviours.

So that’s this week’s challenge – simply become aware of your attention and where you’re choosing to place it – past, present or future.  And see if you can bring it more into the present moment – so that you’re full present and focused.   And What differences do you notice as a result? 

As always, I’d love to hear how you get on so please feel to get in touch at [email protected] or leave a comment under this video if watching on LinkedIn.  Thanks for listening, and until next time, don’t forget – Stay Curious.