The Curious Coach Podcast

Episode 110:
Mini: Courage

This week I ask about courage! If you had the courage, what is it that you’d do?

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Hi there and welcome to the latest episode of The Curious Coach Podcast.  This week I’ve been curious about courage.  And It builds upon on an episode from a few weeks ago when I asked about fear and how that might be holding you back.

Instead, this week, I’m looking at it slightly differently, and asking, if you had the necessary courage, what would you do?  Maybe you’d have the courage to stop something, or the courage to start something, or the courage to change something.

And when you think about courage, it can come in a different number of forms.  The courage to take a stand, to speak up for something you truly believe in, to speak up to defend traditions, or society or even our planet. 

American Psychologist, Rollo May, also suggested, and I quote: ““Courage is not a virtue of value among other personal values like love or fidelity. It is the foundation that underlies and gives reality to all other virtues and personal values. Without courage our love pales into mere dependency. Without courage our fidelity becomes conformism.”

So gathering up your own courage, what is it that you’re going to now do?  Where will your courage take you?

As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch at [email protected] or leave me a comment underneath this video if watching on LinkedIn.  Thanks for listening and until next time, Stay Curious.