Episode 109: Mini: Fear

The Curious Coach Podcast

Episode : 109
Mini: Fear

This week’s reflective question is about fear and being curious about how that might be holding you back.

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Hi there and welcome to this week’s episode of The Curious Coach podcast.  This week’s reflective question is about fear and being curious about how that might be holding you back.

So, what do I mean?  Well, I know I’ve had many ideas where I could start something, try something or do something…which have never actually materialised.   They never beyond being an idea.   I seem to have an endless supply of ideas bubbling around in my head at times.   And whilst it would be impractical to do them all, I sometimes think back and wonder why some didn’t materialise.

Usually what happens is this… I think of idea, maybe when I’m out running.  I get excited by it, I can feel my energy rising…. If I’m really paying attention I might notice my running pace getting faster or my stride becoming lighter.    Then, almost as quickly, I’ll start to talk myself out of the idea, I’ll come up with a list of reasons why that’s a stupid idea or all the things that could go wrong if I embarked on this madness.

And thinking further about this, a lot of those reasons ultimately bubble back to fear.  Fear of failure, of looking stupid and so on.   So my reflective  question for you this week is this:  If you didn’t let your fears get in the way, what is it that you would you start doing? 

Now it might be something major like changing careers and following your passion or something fun like learning to play the guitar – no matter how badly it might sound to others.

And if you come up with something, what would it take for you to be able to set aside your fears and allow yourself to give it go?

So, happy reflecting and I’d love to hear what you came up with! As always, feel free to drop me an email to [email protected] or post a comment under this video if watching on LinkedIn.

Thanks for listening and until next time, don’t forget, stay curious.



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