The Curious Coach Podcast

Episode 107:
Mini: New Year Resolutions

As we enter into February, have you abandoned your New Year resolutions yet?  If so, you’re probably not alone.  This week’s reflective challenge is to look at what stopped you and what can you learn so you can try again and have hopefully have a different experience.  

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Hi there and welcome to this week’s mini episode of The Curious Coach Podcast.  Before jumping into this week’s challenge, I’d to talk briefly about the interview version of the podcast where I usually talk in more depth with a really interesting and experienced coach.  

I’ve had quite a bit going on recently I’ve unfortunately let that side of things slip a bit.  However, never fear, I’m in the process of lining up more  guests and arranging recordings.  At the same time, if you or someone you know, would make a great future guest with an interesting journey or experience that you’d like to share, then please drop me an email to [email protected] and you never know, I could be interviewing you in 2021. And don’t forget, that’s stephen with a ph

Anyway, back to this week’s challenge.  Now that it’s February, I’m really curious what new year resolutions have fallen to the wayside.  A month ago, you might have started with great enthusiasm to make a change, to get fit, to learn a new skill, to give up smoking, or maybe even try and mediate every day.  And despite the best of intentions, many new year resolutions will have already fallen away.

So, if you’ve given up already, don’t worry, you’re not alone and it’s perfectly normal.  Instead, take a few moments to reflect on what happened.   It might be worth taking a pen and paper and writing down all the reasons why you weren’t successful this time.  Maybe you didn’t have enough time, you didn’t have the will power,  the weather was too bad, the lockdown got in the way… and so on.  Simply list down everything that comes to mind, and resist the temptation to judge, criticise or beat yourself up.   

Now, take a few deep breaths, and feel yourself becoming grounded and centred.  Now, read through the list of reasons, and reflect on each one.  As you read through them, identify the main reason why you weren’t successful.  Now, ask yourself, was that really true?    For example, you might have identified not enough time as being the main reason.   So therefore, you’d ask yourself, was it really true that I didn’t have enough time?  If it was true, what assumptions were you making that caused it to be true?   And if it wasn’t true, what was the main reason that caused you not to be successful this time?

By simply reflecting on your experience and then thinking about what happened and what you’re learning from it, can give you new insights so that you might have a different experience the next time you try.  For example, maybe you were trying to be too ambitious too quickly.  If you wanted to develop a daily mediation practice, can you find the time to mediate for 30 seconds every day?   I’m sure that might be more achievable that trying to do 1 hour every day having never done it before. 

So that’s my challenge for you this week, reflect on the experience of new year resolutions that you haven’t been successful at yet, and see what learnings and insights emerge so that you can try again. 

As always, let me know how you get on and until next time, stay curious.