The Curious Coach Podcast

Episode 104:
Mini: Growth in 2020

Whilst you might be tempted to write off and try to forget 2020 – don’t!  Let me try to convince you to look back and reflect on the growth you’ve still managed to achieve!

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Hi there and welcome to the final episode of The Curious Coach podcast for 2020.  This time last year, it was unlikely that any of us predicted what 2020 had planned for us, and yet, despite all the challenges, here we are – still standing, and now turning our thoughts to what might lie ahead in 2021.  

And as the year draws to the close, many people, myself included, are looking forward to taking a break and having some down time over the holiday season.  Whilst it would be quite natural to want to write off or forget 2020, it’s still worth taking a moment to reflect on what happened and to acknowledge how each of us have actually changed.

Looking back on the you from December 2019, how are you different today? How have you grown?

Despite the heartbreak, the uncertainty, the lack of social interaction, and all the other challenges that we have faced, we’re still growing and evolving.   In taking a moment to reflect on how you’re different from this time last year, it’s also important to acknowledge what happened, and to recognise that much of it was outside of our individual control.  And despite this, we have adapted and grown in so many ways.  

It turns out we have much more resilience than we might have otherwise anticipated.  We have adapted to new ways of working, educating, shopping, socialising and more.   And look at how our use of technology has come on – for everyone of all ages, young and old!  

So that’s my final challenge for you this year.  Take a moment to reflect on the year that’s just been; acknowledge the challenges, and then reflect on how you’ve grown and evolved.  How you’ve adapted, how you’ve grown your resilience, how you’ve cared or supported others, and how you’ve demonstrated flexibility to do what needed to be done to survive.

You truly are amazing. 

With that – let me sign off for 2020, by thanking you for tuning into my podcasts, and all the messages and comments that you’ve sent through to me.  And for me to send you and yours, festive greetings and best wishes for a peaceful end to this year.  So, all that remains to be said is, until next year – stay curious!