The Curious Coach Podcast

Episode 103:
Mini: Discounting Achievements

This week’s reflective challenge is about minimising and discounting our own achievements and successes.    

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Hi there and welcome to the latest episode of the curious coach podcast.   This week’s reflective challenge is about minimising and discounting our own achievements and successes.    

Now, what do I mean by this? 

For example, your boss pings you and she says to you, “Hey, fantastic job on that report”, and you reply, “Oh, I didn’t really do anything, it was a team effort”.  Here’s an example where you are minimising the impact of your own contributions, you’re discounting and downplaying them.    I found myself recently doing this when people were congratulating me on winning a coaching award; it felt very instinctual and natural to discount the significance of my achievement and downplay it.  Just goes to prove that I am indeed human.

However, what’s going on for us when we do this?  One part of it might be around not wanting to appear big headed or ego centric; maybe a belief that we need to do this to stay connected with our humility.  Maybe it’s a script playing out for us from our childhood, that connects back to what our parents might have told us about not becoming too big for our boots.   

Or perhaps, it could be about our own self-regard and how we don’t truly connect with our own value and worth.

Either way, my challenge for you this week is to simply notice times during the coming week when you might be downplaying your own achievements, strengths or value.  When you do, be curious about what might be going on for you and see if you can simply acknowledge and accept it instead.  It might be your internal voice or it might be someone telling you that they appreciate something you did or achieved.  So rather than discounting it, simply feel the gratitude and appreciation and say ‘thank you’.    Simple as that!

As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback, so please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below this video on LinkedIn or drop me an email to [email protected] – thanks for listening and until next time, stay curious!