The Curious Coach Podcast

Episode 100:
Mini: Coherence

Welcome to the 100th Episode of The Curious Coach Podcast.  A massive thank you to all those loyal listeners for making this such a labour of love for me!    

This week’s reflective challenge is about coherence.   Given that the world is currently full of so much separation and division at the moment, where could have more coherence instead?

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Hi there and welcome to the 100th episode of The Curious Coach Podcast!  Before jumping into this week’s reflective challenge, I just want to say a huge thank you – to those I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing, to everyone who tunes in each week and also to those who take the time to reach out and leave comments – it really makes this podcast a labour of love for me!   Thank you for your continued support. 

This week I’ve been reflecting on coherence.   Coherence is about how parts fit together to form something whole. In fact, my reflection didn’t start with coherence, it started with division or separation – both of which seem to be rife in the world at the moment.  When it comes to politics and society, you don’t have to look far to find numerous examples of division, separation, repression or exclusion.   In fact, when you consider how far we’ve evolved, it can be quite disheartening to think about how incoherent we are as human beings when it comes to each other and the planet we live on.   

That thought brought me back to the 17th century and if we take something like, Cartesianism, which views the mind, body and spirit as separate parts, and we have seen how this has already significantly influenced areas such as religion, psychology, biomedicine and other areas of science.  Then you have rationalism, and the development of the scientific revolution, where logic is separated from our intuition, emotions and feelings.   And yes, thanks to the scientific revolution we have had some really amazing advances in our knowledge and understanding.

However, now come back to modern times, and take something like the separation of our work and home lives – something that’s been made much more challenging for many thanks to Covid.  Or how some leaders believe they need to make tough decisions based on facts, figures and separate out the emotion and human elements.  

Separation, division and exclusion seem to be more prevalent today than at any other time.   Which brought be back to coherence.  How can we have more coherence in our lives?  Take our work and home lives as an example – what would it look like for those two parts to be coherent rather than separate?  Or how would it be for us not to view mind, body and spirit as separate but to view and treat them coherently?  Or for us to live coherently on this planet we all call home?  Or to be fully aware and coherent to the embodied wisdom of our head, heart and gut?  Or our thoughts and feelings?  There are so many areas where having more coherence could be of real benefit.

I’m still reflecting and fully forming my thoughts, and that’s my challenge for you this week:  to reflect on what parts of you, or your life, are you separating out, dividing, or excluding and to reflect on the value of making a change to be more coherent.  What difference might that make?

Anyway, that’s it for this week.  Thanks always for listening and if you’d like to share your thoughts – please leave a comment beneath this video on LinkedIn or drop me an email to [email protected]  Thanks for listening and until next time – stay curious.