The Curious Coach Podcast

Episode 099:
Mini: Purpose, Passion and Work

Do you believe that your should find your passion so that you never have to ‘work a day in your life’?  Or is that something that works for other people?  In this mini reflective episode, my reflective challenge is about refraining how your view work, purpose and passion – so that you free yourself from the pressures of trying to align all these things. 

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Hi there and welcome to this week’s mini episode of The Curious Coach podcast.   This week’s reflective thought is about passion, purpose and well, work!   “Find what you love doing and you’ll never work a day in your life” and other such sentiments can sound inspiring and for some who are able to do it, may even be true.

However, how many people never truly connect in with their purpose?  And how many people confuse purpose with passion?   And in some ways, you might ask what’s the difference between them?  And why strive to align your work with either?

Imagine when you were starting out in your career, maybe full of ideas and ready to start working, were you able to say that you were honestly following your purpose or passion?  Or were you simply looking for a job that would pay you money so you could go off and enjoy life?  Or a job that might offer you a path towards something better – whether it’s about a path to promotion and more responsibility, a chance to travel or whatever it might be.  

Many years later, you might now find yourself in a good job, that you’re performing well in and  where you get well compensated but aren’t necessarily following your purpose of passion.    Other people might advise you to take something you enjoy doing such as a hobby and turn that into your work – that doing that will help you gain more fulfilment, where you’ll be following your passion and ultimately living your purpose.  Again, for some people, that might work and for others that might be a way to destroy their love of a perfectly good hobby.

So my reflective thought for you this week is about potentially reframing how we view work.  Does it matter if your work isn’t aligned with your purpose or passion?   For example, you might have a passion for creating music and your purpose is simply to make people smile through the music you create and send out into the world for free.   Work, in this case, might simply be an enabler – totally utilitarian – and not connected to your passion or purpose in any meaningful way.  It’s simply providing you the income you need to live off and fuel everything else that you do.

In this regards, reframing how you view work, now gives you freedom to experiment and experience life without the pressures of making everything align.  And for many, it’s those experiences and experiments that will increase the chances of you finding things in your life that you enjoy.  Which, may in turn, help you develop a passion that may eventually reveal your true purpose.  And who knows, through that process, you might also be able to find a job that aligns but if not, that’s actually ok.

Anyway, that’s it for this week.  And if you’d like to share any reflections or thoughts, please leave a comment underneath this video on LinkedIn, or drop me an email to [email protected].  Thanks for listening, and until next time, stay curious.