The Curious Coach Podcast

Episode 098:
Mini: Driving Metaphor and pitstops!

Using the metaphor of a car… this week’s challenge is about reflecting on how you’re currently travelling the highways of life and inviting you to take a pit stop!

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Hi there and welcome to this week’s mini episode of The Curious Coach Podcast.   Let’s jump right into this week’s reflective challenge. If you think about your life in terms of a metaphor where you’re driving a car, what might you start to notice? 

Are you cruising along a motorway doing a comfortable and steady speed, where you’re getting great fuel economy?  Or are you racing flat out – burning gas and rubber and getting faster and faster?    Maybe you’re currently in a low gear heading up a massive hill and the engine whining noisily as it struggles with the effort.  Or perhaps you’re going over really rough terrain and being jostled violently about as the suspension tries to cope.  Or maybe it’s a smooth ride thanks to the superb off road capabilities of your car?  Or, maybe you’re coasting downhill?  Or flying downhill without brakes and feeling totally out of control!!!  Or driving around in circles – the possibilities with this metaphor are truly endless!

This is the first part of my challenge for you this week, use this metaphor to describe what’s happening for you right now.   Once you have built up a picture of the car you’re in, the terrain you’re travelling along, the speed, the feel of the car and so on, my next invitation is for you to take a pit stop.  

Find a metaphorical spot to pull over for a few minutes.  It be a service station, the side of the road, a viewing spot, the middle of nowhere and if none of those are available, simply pull in wherever you’re at and pause for a moment.     It’s so easy to spend all of our time, especially in the current climate, running flat out – always on the road to somewhere, that we forget to pull over, take a break and simply be.  To be with ourselves and our thoughts for even the briefest of period.  To take a break from all the doing.  And focus on just being.

As you pull the car or whatever metaphorical vehicle you’re driving over, switch off its engine, and step out into the stillness, what do you notice?  Not only, about the landscape around you, but what do you notice about yourself, your own internal thoughts, feelings and sense of being at this moment.   Connect in with yourself and choose two or three words to describe how you’re feeling at this time.

Once you’re ready, you can jump back into the car and drive off again.   And as you do, remember that you can choose how you want to drive, how fast you go, where you go.  All of these things, along with choosing when to take rest stops, and being observant to the landscape that passes by your windows, is all within your control. 

If you’d like to share any reflections or thoughts, please leave a comment underneath this video on LinkedIn, or drop me an email to [email protected].  Thanks for listening, and until next time, stay curious.