The Curious Coach Podcast

Episode 097:
Mini: Photography

In this mini episode, I incorporate one my hobbies into this mini reflective challenge – photography!  And no, my challenge isn’t about asking you to go out and take a stunning picture.  Rather, it’s about using the metaphor of photography as a model to reflect upon what’s going on for you.  

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Hi there, and welcome to this week’s episode of The Curious Coach podcast.  This week I want to talk about another of my hobbies – photography!  And never fear, there’s a reason why this is relevant!  Let me explain….

If you think about photography, it ultimately distils down to capturing images or memories of moments in time.   In the process of doing so, there are various phases involved.  Deciding on your camera setup,  composing the shot, processing the image,  getting the final image and then reliving the memory of the image.

And when you start to use these stages as a model for life, things get quite interesting.   Firstly, let’s talk about the photographic stages…

Are you currently gathering up the necessary tools and equipment to be able to capture that metaphorical picture?   If so, what equipment are you putting together?  Is it the camera on your phone, a vintage camera or something more complex?  When do you think you’ll have the right equipment gathered so that you’re ready to take that special picture?  

Now that you have the equipment and you’re ready to take a picture,  have you found the right location?  And as you compose your shot, what are you choosing to focus on?   What’s the main subject of your picture?  What’s in the background?  What are the lighting conditions like?  What’s the distance between you and the subject of your picture?  What settings are you using on your camera?  So many variables to potentially consider!

Having taken the shot, you now want to process the image.  In the old days, you’d process the film in a darkroom, now, you can do everything on your computer or with an app on your phone.  What do you need to change to get the picture to match the vision of what you were trying to achieve?   What colours are you enhancing? Or which highlights are you reducing or shadows that you are enhancing?  There’s any number of edits you can now make to change the picture you captured before producing your final image.

And now that you have that final image, what are you doing with it?  Are you putting it proudly on display so you can see if every day, do you print it out and put it into an album, or do you never look at it again?    And when you do look at it, what memory does it evoke?   Is it about the time, the place, the feelings or something else entirely?  How has that memory changed?  How does that drive you to take more pictures?

This is an interesting model to explore what’s going on for you in your life.  What stage are you currently at?  Are you still gathering the right equipment, seeking out the perfect location, actively editing the image to make it match your vision or looking back on past memories and experiences?    And taking it a little further, are you trying to capture your own photograph or are you trying to copy someone else’s?  Or are you looking at someone else’s photograph as if it was your own?  Or are looking at the past and working hard to hold on to it?

There’s so many levels to this!  And I hope you have fun taking a little bit of time to reflect this week on where you are withing this model.    As always, I’d love to hear how you got on so please don’t hesitate to get in touch, either by leaving a comment below this video on LinkedIn or sending me an email to [email protected].  That’s it for now and until next time, stay curious!