The Curious Coach Podcast

Episode 096:
Mini: Force Fields

In this mini episode, I invite you to do a force field analysis on a project or life goal, reflecting on what might be within your control to change or influence as well as gaining more insight into the forces at play! 

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Hi there and welcome to the latest mini episode of The Curious Coach Podcast.  This week’s reflective challenge is all about force fields.  And no, I’m not talking about going to ‘red alert’, battle stations and engaging our shields.  Rather, it’s about a force field analysis as conceptualised by change guru Kurt Lewin. 

This reflective exercise is best done using a pen and piece of paper.  Start off by thinking of a project, or life goal that you want to reflect upon.  Now, take a blank sheet of paper, and  draw a line that represents your path towards you desired goal.  Having done that first step.  Take a moment to stand back] and reflect upon the line you have just drawn.  Notice where you’ve chosen to put it on the page, the shape, thickness, direction and so on, and be curious about what you’re noticing.

Now it’s time to identify the forces that are at play and influencing your progress towards your goal.  And for this part, you might want to grab some post-it notes or pieces of paper that you can move around your page.  

Forces also have a direction and intensity.  If you think of a straight line going from left to right across the page, the forces acting from above, and those coming up from below the line, will ultimately cancel each other out resulting in equilibrium.  However, if there’s a mismatch, then there’s potential for the line to change direction.

So now, on each piece of paper or post-it, write down one of the forces that are influencing or affecting your progress towards your goal.  Put an arrow on the piece of paper to show the direction of the force.   Keep repeating this, until you have all the important forces captured.  

Now, start to place them on the page so that they start to act upon the line you drew.  Start with what you believe the current state of things to be and don’t worry about trying to over think it – simply go with your gut.

Once you’ve placed all the forces, step back and once again reflect on what you notice.  What stands out for you?  What do you notice about where you’ve placed each force? The distance between the force and line itself, the distances between other forces, what forces are above or below the line?  

Having reflected, now experiment with moving things around and changing the intensity of some of the forces.   What happens?  And again, what do you notice?  Start to become aware of what is within your influence to control?  What might happen to your line as a result? 

Finally, take a few moments to capture any learning or insights that you might have had about your project or life goal.  What will you now change as a result of this exercise?

Anyway, that’s it for this week.  Good luck experimenting with your own force fields and I really look forward to hearing how you got on.  So please don’t hesitate to leave a comment on LinkedIn, or drop me email to [email protected]e.  Thanks for listening and until next time, stay curious.