The Curious Coach Podcast

Episode 089:
Mini: Surviving or Thriving?

This week’s challenge is about reflecting on whether you’re surviving or thriving?  And what’s the difference!

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Hi there and welcome to the latest mini-edition of The Curious Coach Podcast.

This week, my reflective challenge is about identifying where you currently are between surviving and thriving.   Imagine that in front of you, you have a large dial.  You can rotate this dial between two extremes – at one end, there’s surviving and at the other there’s thriving.   You’re in control of the dial.  So, where is your dial currently set to?

In the first half of 2020, I’d imagine many of us turned the dial fully around to survival.   We stocked up on the essentials, took shelter and focused on surviving what was happening to us and the world around us.  And that’s totally understandable.  We went through and continue to go through a period of immense change and uncertainty in the world.

I’d imagine our ancestors felt something similar when they rushed back into their caves having first discovered the predatory threat from dinosaurs.

However, imagine what would have happened if they’d stayed in full on survival mode.  Never being tempted to alter the setting on that dial.  Would they have ever ventured back out of their caves to explore, to develop, to evolve… and ultimately to thrive?

As you picture your dial in front of you, and notice where it’s currently set to, reflect on how might like to adjust it?  If you were to adjust it, even by a small amount, what difference would that make?  Imagine that you’ve made a change to the setting on the dial, what are the changes that would happen as a result?  What do you see yourself doing differently?

So that’s my challenge for you this week.  Not to necessarily rush out and make a major adjustment to your surviving – thriving dial – but to simply be aware of where you have currently set it to.  To be curious.  And to be conscious of the choice that you have made.  And then to be equally conscious of the choices you might want to make.

As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts and reflections.  So please don’t hesitate to get in touch either by leaving a comment below this video if watching on LinkedIn, or dropping me an email to [email protected] and that’s Stephen with a PH.  Thanks for tuning and until next time, don’t forget… stay curious.