The Curious Coach Podcast

Episode 080:
Mini: Kurt Lewin

Kurt Lewin, a 20th century phycologist came up with an equations for behaviours.  He proposed that our behaviours are a function of our person and our environment.  Given the change to our environments in recent times, what, if anything, have you noticed about changes in your behaviour?

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Welcome to this week’s mini episode of The Curious Coach Podcast. This week’s episode was inspired by a book I was reading. In it, it reminded me of an equation by psychologist called Kurt Lewin. If you’ve done any form of MBA or management training you’ll probably remember him from change theory. Kurt Lewin  also had an equation for behaviour. He said behaviours were a function of the person and their environment. And that got me thinking: We’ve all undergone a radical transformation of our environments in recent times.

Take me for example, I no longer spend over two hours a day commuting into an office where I’m working for eight hours or more. Instead I’m doing that work here in the confines of my house. That’s a big change to the environment, and with that change, I was thinking about things that I’ve noticed about my own behaviours. Well, the first thing that popped into my mind was my eating. I’m actually eating healthier by being at home more and that goes because I’m eating my meals at lunchtime and I’m making an effort to cook fresh.  And that’s actually part of my way of breaking up the day. Rather than having to cook something quick whenever I got home – whatever time that happened to be. That’s a definite change in behaviour!

And another change I noticed was exercise: normally I would be getting my exercise as part of my commute as I’d run into the office. Now I’m still going out for the occasional run but have also taken up skipping which has been quite fun and entertaining and something new to learn – that’s a change in behaviour for me as well.

So that’s my challenge for you this week. Be curious about the changes in behaviour that you are noticing for yourself. And simple be curious about what’s behind those changes. And be even more curious about: are some of those changes that you will be able to keep or revert back to whenever your environment changes to whatever the new normal happens to be? Don’t judge them as good or bad or positive or negative, just be curious about them and see what comes up for you. Perhaps you are noticing that you’re eating differently, maybe you’re eating more junk, or drinking more? Who knows? Just be curious.

And I’d love to hear your thoughts and what you noticed about your own behaviours and whether you feel that this equation of behaviours as a function of a person and environment is quite accurate in the times we find ourselves in. As always, please don’t hesitate to drop me an email [email protected] or at my website and that’s Stephen with a PH!.  If you’re watching on LinkedIn, these please leave a message share underneath this video as I’d love to hear from you. As always, until next week, be curious.