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077: Mini: Lego - what are you building?

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Podcast Description

Imagine you could pull 4,264 pieces of Lego from a big box of Lego over your lifetime – one for each week.  What you would build?

Let me know how you got on!


Hi there and welcome to this weekly mini episode of The Curious Coach Podcast. This week's episode is a little bit existential! And maybe the best way to help me explain this will be to use a box of Lego. So imagine that when you're born you have access to a big box of Lego such as this one; during your formative years, the first eight years of your life, you don't really do much with this box. You simply rummage around, pulling pieces out, looking at them and then putting them back.  You’re just really been being curious about what is available to you.

As you get older, you then start to realise that you can actually take a piece out each week. And you can start to be curious about that piece.  And start to build these pieces together. Week by week, you take a new piece out new, add to what you've already taken out and over time as you get older these pieces start to fit together in whatever way you feel is appropriate; and depending on how you're doing that, you may end up with something that is random; where pieces are stacked on top of each other and there hasn't really been much thought about how these pieces all connect together.

At some point in time you may go through a midlife crisis where you realise that, actually, I'm not happy with what I built with my life and at that point you realise you have a choice.  You can start building more pieces on top of this thing that you aren’t happy with or you can actually take away these pieces and undo them; make changes and decide to build something new; that I'm going to be more deliberate about the pieces that I'm taking out his box and I'm going to fit them together in such a way that has got a purpose to it.  That makes more sense.  That you end up with something that is a bit more deliberate rather than random. Maybe it has more purpose.

And then of course the other thing we don't know, is how many pieces we can take out that Lego box during a lifetime. If you think about it, the average age of life expectancy in Ireland is 82 years old. So if we can take one piece out each week, that's 4264 pieces. And that's assuming we live to the average age. So what are you doing with your 4264 pieces? Are you putting them together randomly or are you being deliberate about them? What is it that you're making and if you were to stop making your model tomorrow, if it was left unfinished, what impact would that make?

So the question this week is to really reflect on what are you doing with those pieces and how can you be more purposeful and deliberate with the pieces that you are choosing to take out of the Lego box week by week? And what are you making with it?

As always I'd love to hear how you got on with reflecting on this so please feel free to drop in email to and that’s stephen with a PH or if you're watching on LinkedIn please leave a comment below this video. As always full details can be found on my website at and until next week… stay curious!

Podcast Description

Imagine you could pull 4,264 pieces of Lego from a big box of Lego over your lifetime – one for each week.  What you would build?

Full show notes, transcript and further information can be found on the show page:

Let me know how you get on!