The Curious Coach Podcast

Episode 068:
Mini: Fears

This week’s episode is about reflecting on what steps you need to take, no matter how small, to overcome any fears that are getting in the way of you moving towards your dreams or ambitions.

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Hello and welcome to this weekly mini-episode of The Curious Coach Podcast.  At the time of recording this podcast, Storm Ciara is blowing its way through Ireland and the UK.  There’s strong winds, rain and periods of sunshine.  It’s also funny how we seem much more focused on the weather ever since we started naming storms and making them more personalised, but that’s maybe something to reflect on for another day.

Anyway, this morning I was lying in bed, with a range of thoughts going through my head.  One thought was that I really wanted to go for a run.  It has been a few days since my last run, for various reasons and I was feeling that I now really needed a run to clear away the cobwebs.  At the same time, I could hear the wind howling and the rain battering the window.  I was tucked up warm and snug in bed.  Why would I voluntarily get up and go outside into that horrendous sounding storm and go for a run?  Am I mad?  In my mind, it was going to be a challenging run not only being buffeted by the wind but probably getting drenched in the process, but at the same time, I felt I really wanted to.

For about 30 minutes, I lay on, mentally going through the pros and cons, bargaining with myself about compromises I could make about when I could go for a run instead.  Fearful that if I did go for a run it was just going to be hard and not enjoyable.  That I wouldn’t feel recharged or energised.  Fearful that if I didn’t I would just be cranky for the rest of the day… and so on. In the end, I my fear of how bad this run was going to be, held me in a state of paralysis, and I realised that I wasn’t even happy simply staying warm and snug in bed as I was now becoming anxious about making a choice.

In the end, I willed myself to get out of bed; put on my running clothes; open the front door and head out into whatever awaited me.  And you know what, one hour later I arrived back with a smile on my face.   Yes, it was blustery but I’ve run in worse.  For the times when I was running into the wind, there were other times when I had the wind behind me and I nearly felt as if I was flying.  The rain actually stayed mostly away and at one point, the sun even shone through. Running along, I could feel my whole energy shift, clarity and calmness settling over me as I become energised and feeling more prepared to face the day and week ahead.

On reflection, how easy would it have been to stay in bed and give in to my fears?  Rather than moving past fear and embracing the uncertainty.

And that brings me to this week’s reflective question: when you think about your life and reflect on your dreams and ambitions, how can you start to overcome any fears that might be holding you back?  What’s the first, no matter how small step, that you can take towards over coming those fears?

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