The Curious Coach Podcast

Episode 066:
Mini: Posture

This week’s episode is about noticing whether there’s any connections with your posture and how you’re feeling!

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Hello and welcome to this weekly mini-episode of The Curious Coach Podcast.  This week’s episode is about noticing how emotions might be affecting your posture.

And no, before you get worried, I’m not about to ask you to walk upright with a stack of books balancing on your head to improve your posture; instead, it’s about simply noticing how you’re physically  carrying your body at various times throughout your day and being curious about whether there are any emotions or feelings connected with it.

As an example, you might notice that your shoulders feel tense and maybe slighted hunched and turned inwards.  Maybe you also notice that your head is slightly drooped and as a result your gaze is tending to be more downwards than upwards.  When you take a moment to breath and check-in with yourself and notice these things about your body, you might start to realise that you’re feeling tense, under pressure, and perhaps a little bit over whelmed.  At least, that’s what I noticed this week as I was trying to juggle a number of different things that I wanted to get finished this week before travelling.  Having noticed this, I adjusted my posture.  I brought my shoulders back, I lifted my gaze up and instantly, I could feel a little bit of that tension and pressure release as I took a breath and then went systematically about working through what I needed to get done.  Sometimes, simply being aware of your posture and momentarily making a small change, can have quite a powerful affect.

Another example I’m become aware of, is when I’m out for  run.  Running is when I tend to do a lot of thinking and reflecting, in many ways, running is a form of mediation for me as I sometimes get to switch off and my thoughts simply drift.  Occasionally, when running, I’ll lift my gaze upwards to the sky and look up at the clouds, the birds and everything that’s up there rather than the pavement in front of me.  And again, I notice that I briefly feel different, and start to think differently when I do.  I suddenly feel inspired, determined, courageous!

So that’s my challenge for you this week.  Simply notice your posture, be curious about any emotions or feelings that you’re experiencing and then see if you get a different feeling by making slight adjustment to your posture.   Dare to experiment and see what you notice!

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Thanks for listening and until next time, don’t forget – stay curious!