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065: Interview: Eileen Hopkins, ACC

065: Interview: Eileen Hopkins, ACC

Interview with Eileen Hopkins, ICF ACC coach talking about her coaching journey from nurse to coach and now coach & psychotherapist, with lots of other topics along the way!

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In this episode I had the pleasure of talking to Eileen Hopkins, a former nurse turned coach, award winning Toastmaster, ACC credentialed coach with the International Coach Federation and soon to be qualified psychotherapist.  In this interview we covered a wide range of topics from finding a niche to Eileen’s experience in training to become a psychotherapist, self-care and compassion and much, much more.  I hope you find this interview as interesting and inspirational as I did.

Show Notes

Eileen’s Business Website –

Eileen Hopkins LinkedIn Profile

Coach Training with The Irish Life Institute

Compassionate Inquiry with Dr Gabor Maté

Toastmasters International

Start your own business – Local enterprise courses


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