The Curious Coach Podcast

Episode 059:
Mini: My Perfect Year

This week’s episode builds is similar to last week’s episode, but instead of imaging your perfect life, it asks you to imagine your life one year from now.  When you’ve just had the perfect year and achieved all your goals and ambitious that you had for the year!  How much fun could that be… letting your imagination run while!   Ideally, give yourself 30 minutes to do this week’s challenge and have on hand a notebook!!!

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Hello and welcome to this weekly mini-episode of the Curious Coach podcast.  It’s hard to believe that December is whizzing by in a blur and that another year will be soon be upon us.  Aside from the mayhem of getting ready for Christmas and hopefully spending time with friends and family, it can also be a time for reflection.   You might look back over the last year and take a moment to celebrate all your achievements or be appreciative of all those who have loved and supported you along the way.

However, my reflective challenge for you this week is to actually imagine it’s one year in the future. In a way it builds on last’s week’s reflective question about imagining your ideal life.  Sometimes, however, we can find it hard to look too far into the future.  So instead, this week’s challenge is only about looking one year into the future.  Before you begin, I’d really recommend that you have a notebook to hand, and you’re in a quiet place where you have time and space to fully reflect.

If you’re all set, then let’s begin.  Imagine it’s now December 2020.  You’ve had an amazing year.  Everything you wanted to achieve within that year has happened.  You’re exactly where you want to be.

Take a few minutes, close your eyes, breath… and just let your imagination run wild.  As your breath life into that image, take time to really embody that future moment as if it was really happening, right hear, right now.  Use all your senses, imagine you are seeing the movie of your life, one year from now, in glorious 4D!  Look around you, what are you seeing?  How are you feeling, now that you’ve had that amazing year?  What are you telling yourself?  What are other people saying to you?  About you?  And do you notice any smells or tastes?  Look and be curious about every little detail, really bring that movie to life.

Now, having taken the time to let your imagine create that 4D experience, grab you notebook and start writing.  If you can, write for the next 20 minutes without stopping.   Simply capture everything you noticed about what was going on for you in December 2020.  Write it in the present tense, as if it really was December 2020.  Don’t worry about spelling, grammar or anything else, simply write!

Once finished, take a break and then come back a while later – maybe after a few hours, or maybe a few days, and read back what you’ve written.  Don’t worry about doing anything else for now, we’ll pick it up again next week with the next reflective question!

I hope you enjoy reflecting on your perfect year and as always I’d love to hear how you got on and any thoughts that came up for you. So please don’t hesitate to get in touch by sending me an email to [email protected] and that’s stephen with a p.h.  Full details of this and all the other episodes can be found on my website at

Thanks for listening and until next week, don’t forget – stay curious!