The Curious Coach Podcast

Episode 042:
Mini: Emotions

This week’s reflective question is about emotions!  In fact, can you describe the difference between feelings and emotions?  And how good are you at describing and labelling your emotions?

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Hello and welcome to this weekly mini-episode of the Curious Coach podcast.  This week’s reflective question is about emotions!  In fact, stop what you’re doing… pause for a moment… take a deep breath or two, and now name the emotion that you have right now.. right in this moment?

So, did you find that easy to name your current emotion?  I must admit, this is something I’ve found myself becoming curious about. Recently,  I realised that my emotional literacy is quite limited.  Emotional literacy is about have the vocabulary to describe and label the different emotions that you are experiencing.  A lot of people, myself included, can probably do the basic emotions such as happy, sad, frightened and so on.  But there’s so much more there to explore and a lot of it is very nuanced.

Aside from gathering up a lot of books on emotions that I’m now planning to read, I’ve also signed up for an emotional intelligence certification course in EQ-I 2.0 which I’ll be doing at the end of August.  I’m really looking forward to this and increasing my understanding of emotional literacy and intelligence much further.

But back to the reflective questions for this week’s podcast.  Be curious about the different emotions you come across during this week. It might be useful to keep a log of them over the course of the week so you can spot whether there are any patterns emerging.  Can you go beyond happy, sad and so on and start to become more detailed in the emotions you’re experiencing.  For example, empathy, ambition, anguish, astonishment, ecstasy or frustration… just to name but a few!

And whilst you’re emotion spotting… here’s another question for you to reflect on:  What’s the difference between an emotion and a feeling?

Anyway, that’s it for this week, and I’ll leave you that question to ponder whilst you look for the different emotions.  If you’d like to share your thoughts, then I’d love to hear from you,  So please don’t hesitate to get in touch by sending me an email to [email protected]and that’s stephen with a p.h.  Full details of this and all the other episodes can be found on my website at

Thanks for listening and until next week, don’t forget – stay curious!