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Episode 039:
Mini: How far have you come?

This week’s reflective question is all about looking back along the road and your journey so far. How are you different today from when you started out?

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Hello and welcome to this weekly mini-episode of the Curious Coach podcast.  This week’s reflective question is about taking a moment to look back, appreciate and celebrate, how far you have travelled.

Sometimes we’re so focused on getting somewhere, achieving something, learning something, that we lose sight of just how far we’ve come.

For me, it was more or less 1 year ago that I completed my first coach training course with Ailbhe Harrington and an amazing group of people in Coaching Development.  As I mentioned many times before, that was a course that I found truly transformative. As a result, I’m a very different person today than when I started the course, or from even when I finished the course.

And that brings me to this week’s reflective question.  How have you changed or grown over the last year?  At first glance, you might think that you haven’t, but we all have.  It might be a small way or something more substantial.  If nothing else, you’ll be a year older, but I’m sure, when you dig a little deeper there will be more to it than that.  For me, I’m a much more experienced coach.  I’ve now over 100 hours coaching logged, I’ve continued to learn, grow and develop myself as a coach. As a result, I’ve found out so much more about myself in the process and realised that there’s still so much more to learn!

So that’s this week’s challenge – take a moment to reflect and view review on your own journey and take a moment to celebrate your successes.  We can be so focused on looking down the road and racing towards all the other things we need to do:  more training, more certifications, more experience and then I’ll be ready… and loose site of just how far we’ve already come and being proud of what we may have already achieved.

In fact, give yourself permission to take a detour on this journey of life and pull into the nearest picnic spot and then look back on the map to see just how far you’ve come.  You might be amazed.   Maybe take pen and piece of paper and reflect on a few questions to help you:  What people have you met along the way that have loved, supported and helped you? What have you learned about yourself or others?  What new skills have you picked up or developed?   What new experiences did you have?  What new things did you try for the first time?

And finally, what difference has this made to you and who you are today?

Anyway, that’s it for this week.  I hope you enjoy the picnic and find yourself amazed at what you’ve come up with in your reflections.  If you’d like to share, then I’d love to hear how you got on,  So please don’t hesitate to get in touch by sending me an email to [email protected]and that’s stephen with a p.h.  Full details of this and all the other episodes can be found on my website at

Thanks for listening and until next week, don’t forget – stay curious!

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