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018: Interview with Colin Brett

018: Interview with Colin Brett

In this full length episode, I had the pleasure of interviewing Colin Brett:  coach, trainer and founder of Coaching Development.  During the interview we dived into Colin’s thoughts about coach and where it’s going, existentialism, constellations and lots more.  

Useful Links:

·     Colin Brett on LinkedIn

·     Coaching Development Website

·     Interesting article on consciousness and quantum fields!

·     Book: The Compassionate mind

·     Association for Coaching

·     International Coach Federation (ICF)

·     EMCC

·     Book: The Art of the possibility:  Transforming professional and personal life – Zander

·     Book: Counselling for Toads

·     Book: Positive Psychology - Theory, research and applications

·     Constellations in coaching

·     Serious Play

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