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012: Interview with Bernie Rogers

Listen using the player below or search for The Curious Coach Podcast in your podcast player (iTunes, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, TuneIn etc.,)

In this full length episode, I had the pleasure of interviewing Bernie Rogers – a coach and trainer based in Ireland.  Whilst we covered lots of different areas, we did focus on NLP and mBIT or multiple brain integration techniques.  These are just two of the areas that Bernie offers training in.  I’m particularly curious about mBIT as I’m signed up to do the mBIT coach training with Bernie at the end of February 2019 – so I’ll look forward to reporting back in future episode about how I got on.  

Let me know how you get on via email to

Useful links to some of the things mentioned during the podcast.

·     Bernie Rogers on LinkedIn

·     Bernie’s Training homepage

·     Coaching Development – Coach Training

·     Ailbhe Harrington

·     NLP: Anchoring

·     NLP: Circle of Excellence

·     NLP: New Behaviour Generator explanation

·     NLP training courses run by Bernie and the NLP Training Institute

·     NLP Modelling – video explanation by John Grinder

·     mBIT Coach Certification

·     Grant’s website –

·     mBraining book – using your multiple brains to do cool stuff

·     Loving your life by Grant Soosalu

·     mBit Master Coach Certification

·     15 day course on NLP Health Certification with Robert Dilts