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001: The Curious Coach Begins

Welcome to the first full length episode of The Curious Coach Podcast.  In this episode, we set off on our journey into the world of professional coaching.  I'll outline what coaching is (and isn't) and talk with John Noble, a professional coach, who helped inspire me to start my own journey to becoming a professional coach.

Listen via the embedded player below, or search for The Curious Coach Podcast in your favourite podcast player.

Show Notes

  • Details on the professional coach training (accredited by the ICF) that I did with Coaching Development in Ireland can be found here.  They also run courses in other locations.
  • Ailbhe Harrington is the amazing coach trainer and coach that ran the above course - her website:
  • Further information on Carl Rogers (and we'll also explore in future episodes)
  • The International Coach Federation - one of the professional bodies (which I'm a member) can be found here and contains lots of useful resources and links.
  • If you'd like to contact John Noble, please reach out to him via email at
  • The coach training that John underwent was with the Positive Success Group and details can be found here.
  • The three day mindfulness retreat mentioned was with John F. Doherty
  • The Qigong retreat John did was in Galway. The Master in China is call Zhang Mingliang. This is not established in Ireland fully yet but it’s his intention to start the teacher training for this in July 2019.

And some images of John enjoying the the outdoor life... ‌

John Noble and the great outdoors