Coach Mentoring

Those seeking to obtain, or in some cases renew, a coaching credential from the International Coaching Federation must complete coaching mentoring. If you are a first-time credential applicant and have not taken an ACTP, Level 1 or Level 2 ICF accredited coach training programme, you must complete 10 hours of coach mentoring before applying for your ACC or PCC. For those renewing their existing ACC credentials, they must also complete 10 hours of training before the renewal takes place.

An effective coach mentoring program involves coaching and feedback in a collaborative, appreciative, and dialogical manner, using observed or recorded coaching sessions to increase the coach’s coaching competency and align with ICF core competencies or PCC markers. This is extremely valuable for coaches of any experience level who are looking for evidence-based feedback on their coaching as a way to sharpen their skills.

The ICF require that coach mentoring takes place over a minimum period of 3 months and up to seven hours can be completed as a group.

What we offer

We currently offer ACC and PCC level mentoring. This can be individual or a blended option with 7 hours as part of a group and 3 hours individual. All mentoring takes place online via Zoom.

Individual Offering

Individual mentoring involves reviewing recorded coaching sessions made by the coach. These coaching sessions are complete and typically last 30-35 minutes. The coach will have obtained the client’s permission to not only record the session but also to use it for mentoring and, if required, credential application purposes.

Individual mentoring can be tailored to your specific needs when you work with our mentor coach. In other words, the number of recordings, frequency, and duration of the coaching sessions will vary between coaches depending on several factors, such as their training, experience, and frequency of coaching.

Individual mentoring can also be required where you have completed group mentoring elsewhere and are now looking to complete the mentoring requirements for your ICF application.

  • Complete package of ten hours of mentoring: €1,300 + Irish VAT @ 23% (if applicable)
  • Pay-as-you go mentoring per hour: €150 + Irish VAT @ 23% (if applicable)

Blended Group & Individual Offering

This blended option brings together value of group learning combined with individual mentoring. This option consists of three parts: 3 group mentoring sessions, 3 peer triads, and 3 individual mentoring sessions. When completed, you will have met all your mentoring requirements for your ICF application or renewal. It typically takes three to six months to complete.


The complete package covering all mentoring requirements for ICF renewal or application: €999 + Irish VAT @ 23% (if applicable)

Group Mentoring

The group mentoring program will consist of three sessions, each one month apart. We will have two participants acting as coaches in each session, conducting short coaching sessions that we will then debrief as a group using the ICF core competencies to guide us. Each participant will act as a coach at least once over the course of the three sessions.

Peer Triads

At times that are mutually agreeable, we will arrange for two peer triads between group mentoring sessions. During each of the triads, each participant assumes the roles of client, coach, and observer, with the observer providing evidence-based feedback based on ICF competencies. Using this method, learning and understanding the competencies will be enhanced. In the next group mentoring session, questions and insights can be discussed.

Individual Mentoring

Three individual mentoring sessions will be scheduled by mutual agreement. The sessions will take place after the last group session. As part of each mentoring session, the coach will be expected to record and transcribe a full coaching session that lasts approximately 30 minutes.

Interested in joining us for mentoring?

We are currently enrolling coaches for our next blended mentoring group. The times for the group mentoring sessions for this group will be:

  • First Group Session (4 hours): Wednesday, 4th May 2022 – 09:00 – 13:00 (Dublin/Ireland)
  • Second Group Session (3 hours): Wednesday, 1st June 2022 – 09:00 – 12:00 (Dublin/Ireland)
  • Third Group Session (3 hours): Wednesday, 6th July 2022 – 09:00 – 12:00 (Dublin/Ireland)


If you are interested in joining us for mentoring, either in a group or on an individual basis, please select a time which suits you from the available dates in the calendar below to make an appointment to have a preliminary chat with Stephen to discuss your mentoring needs in more detail and get any questions answered.