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On The Curious Coach Podcast, I have the pleasure of interviewing a range of coaches from around the world where they share their knowledge and experiences.  You'll find the interviews listed below.  As always, you can listen via the links below or find them on your favourite podcast player of choice such as Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

If you feel you'd make an interesting guest to appear on a future show, please let me know via this link....

078: Interview: Jean François Cousin, MCC
Interview with executive and leadership coach, Jean François Cousin, MCC. Author, speaker and 2019 chair of the ICF Global Board.
070: Interview: Dianne McCoy, PCC
Interview with Dianne McCoy, PCC talking about her amazing coaching during - one of inspiration, overcoming challenges and resilience
065: Interview: Eileen Hopkins, ACC
Interview with Eileen Hopkins, ICF ACC coach talking about her coaching journey from nurse to coach and now coach & psychotherapist, with lots of other topics along the way!
056: Interview: Benita Stafford-Smith, MCC
Interview with ICF Master Certified Coach Benita Stafford-Smith, an executive coach and coach supervisor, originally from Canada and now living and working in Oman.
051: Interview: Clare Norman
Episode 051 of The Curious Coach Podcast featuring an interview with Clare Norman. A PCC coach, coach supervisor, mentor and much more!
041: Interview: Karen Dean, MCC
A fabulous interview with author, MCC coach and an really interesting human being - Karen Dean. With over 28 years of coaching experience, this really was a treat.
036: Interview with Linda McLoughlin
Interview with MCC coach, trainer and newly elected ICF Global Board Director, Linda McLoughlin
029: Life & Career Coach Valerie O’Hanlon
Latest Episode! I talk with award winning Life and Career Coach Valerie O’Hanlon and get her tips and advice for those just starting out.
024: Three Coaching Journeys
Meet Josh Daniel, Paula Sheridan & Maíra Marinaro. Three coaches, three locations and three coaching journeys - all sharing their wisdom and experiences
018: Interview with Colin Brett
Thought provoking interview with Colin Brett: Coach, trainer, founder and more.
012: Interview with Bernie Rogers
Listen using the player below or search for The Curious Coach Podcast in your podcast player (iTunes, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, TuneIn etc.,) In this full length episode, I had the pleasure of interviewing Bernie Rogers – a coach and trainer based in Ireland. Whilst we covered lots of different are…
007: Interview with Ailbhe Harrington
This month’s full length edition features as interview with Ailbhe Harrington. Ailbhe is a Professional Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation, executive coach, coach and leadership trainer, coach supervisor and so much more – she’s an all-around amazing and truly genuine person. S…