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If you’re here, you’re already considering taking a significant step towards transformation and change. As a coach, I specialise in empowering people working in intellectually demanding fields to unlock their full potential and navigate challenges, from feeling stuck or battling impostor syndrome or burnout to increasing their confidence, empathy, emotional intelligence and purpose.
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What to expect…

Coaching with Stephen isn’t about following a pre-set path or rigidly adhering to a ‘five-step plan for success’. While such approaches might sound enticing, they often reflect the coach’s ego and expertise more than they genuinely address the unique circumstances and challenges of each individual client.

Instead, when you embark on this journey with me, you should expect a process that honours and values your individuality, experiences, and wisdom. My role is not to provide you with ready-made answers but to guide you in discovering your own solutions and strategies for change. I firmly believe that you hold the key to your transformation, and my job is to create the conditions that enable you to unlock that potential.

While this approach might not seem as ‘flashy’ or ‘quick-fix’ as others, it leads to more profound, lasting change because it respects the complexity and uniqueness of your life. We will work together to explore your world, challenge your perceptions, and enable you to connect with your inherent wisdom and creativity. This journey is all about empowering you to shape your own destiny.

Embarking on this journey together, we will follow a process steeped in exploration, curiosity, and intentional action.

Our first stage, Acknowledging What Is, involves delving into your current worldview, revealing hidden dynamics and patterns that may be impacting you. This stage forms the foundation for understanding your unique starting point and the perspectives that shape your reality.

The journey then leads us to Exploring with Curiosity, a stage where we envision what ‘better’ could look like for you. Here, we will identify the resources you need to take this step forward, fostering resilience and preparing you for the transformation to come.

Our final stage, Creative Experimenting, involves you taking decisive action to shift your reality. It’s here that your vision begins to manifest, and we monitor the outcomes, learning and adapting along the way.

This process is not linear, but iterative. As we navigate through these stages, your self-awareness will deepen, creating a ripple effect that reaches both inward and outward. This heightened awareness will support you to better integrate your experiences with your sense of self, extending your understanding of who you are. Simultaneously, this growth reverberates outwards, enhancing your sense of safety, belonging, and capability to engage with the world around you. In essence, our journey together is about expanding both self and world understanding, fostering a harmonious relationship between the two.

What’s it like to work with Stephen?

Previous clients have found greater clarity in their personal and professional lives, developed strong resilience in the face of challenges, and cultivated a renewed sense of purpose.

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Ready to Start? Choose the approach that will work best for you.

One Time Exploration

The One Time Exploration session is a powerful, standalone coaching session designed to provide impactful insights and a comprehensive coaching experience within a single two hour meeting. During this session we’ll deep-dive into your current world view, explore with curiosity, and engage in creative experimenting to ignite your transformation.

This intensive One Time Exploration is perfect for those seeking immediate clarity and fresh perspectives. It’s an opportunity to explore your challenges and potential solutions intensely and could lead to transformative insights that profoundly shift your professional and personal life.

Transformation Journey

The Transformation Journey is a comprehensive coaching programme that provides sustained support as you navigate your path towards balance, enjoyment, and purpose. Over several sessions, we’ll journey together, continually exploring, learning, and experimenting. You won’t just uncover insights – you’ll have the time and support to put them into practice, refine your approach, and witness the transformation unfold.

The Transformation Journey is ideal for those who are ready to commit to a more profound transformation. It allows for continuous support and iterative learning, leading to deeper self-awareness, enhanced resilience, and more significant life changes. This journey is about fostering long-term growth and developing skills that will serve you for a lifetime.