Below you’ll find links to each of the different categories of services that I offer. Click on the appropriate button to find out more.

Midlife Coaching For Engineers

Are you a midlife head-based thinker who has successfully used your problem-solving skills, logic and intelligence to gain success but now feels the enjoyment has gone and has a sense of being stuck? It’s as if the hamster wheel of life is spinning faster, and you can’t figure out how to change things. And it’s exhausting. In personal coaching, I work with individuals to embrace their whole intelligence and develop mental fitness and resilience so that they may once again thrive.

If this resonants with you, and you’re self-funding your coaching, then I have a range of personal coaching options for you, including one-off coaching sessions, coaching programmes or group programmes.

Organisational Coaching & Training

I have a range of different offerings available for organisations that are seeking to provide executive coaching or leadership training to employees. Each of these offerings can be tailored to the specific needs of the organisation.

Some examples include: working with executives to fully settle into their roles, increasing emotional intelligence, cultivating relationships, developing confidence, increasing motivation and mental fitness.

Coach Supervision and mentoring

If you are a professional coach, I offer a range of services to support your continued progressional development. Coaching Supervision is available in individual and group formats and offers a safe, reflective space for coaches to work through professional challenges.

Coach Mentoring is available for any coach who is looking to gain an ACC or PCC credential, or renew an ACC credential, and who needs to complete the required 10 hours of coach mentoring. .

If you’re ready to ignite your curiosity and make a shift, click the button to find out how to get started.