I provide organisational services ranging from executive coaching for high-potential individuals, leadership development workshops focused on emotional intelligence, workshops on mental fitness and resilience, and keynote presentations. My full range of offerings for organisations is available via a dedicated website – https://invokingcuriosity.com/ where you will find more details. All services are provided via my Limited Company which is registered in Ireland, VAT registered and fully insured. We can scale any offerings through the addition of associated coaches as required.

Executive Coaching

I work with high-potential employees to develop confidence, resilience, emotional intelligence and leadership capabilities. In particular, I work with those who have a technical, scientific or engineering background and are overly dominated by their own thinking. This may lead to challenges when relating to others, delegating work, or approaching burnout. Regardless of experience, there can come a time when any executive may require support. This can be especially true for newly promoted executives needing help to step fully into their new roles.

External Coaching Panels

We can outsource this capability for organisations that don’t have the capacity, scale or capability to run an external coaching panel. We’ll work with you to provide a panel of external coaches, a booking system and a payment system under a single provider. We ensure that coaches are insured, credentialed and fit your needs. This can streamline coaching services for organisations whilst providing quality coaches and balancing costs.

Leadership Programmes on Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is a crucial skill for effective leadership. We offer an in-depth series of workshops to enable leaders across your organisation to develop their EI skills. Our workshops are based on the MHS EQ-i 2.0 EQ-i model. Each participant will receive an individual or 360 assessment. The workshop format can be tailored to your organisational needs and whether particular areas of focus are required.

Mental Fitness and Resilience Programmes

Given the recent disruptions to our lives and the increasing pace of today’s workplace, supporting employees in strengthening their mental fitness and resilience is essential for any organisation that cares for its people. We can offer one-day workshops or 7-week programmes that will support your employees to develop these crucial skills. The programme is developed by Positive Intelligence and based on the latest research in neuroscience, positive psychology and cognitive behaviour research.

Speaking Engagements

If you’re looking for a speaker to present on Emotional Intelligence, coaching, mental fitness, resilience, burnout or other topics within this area, please get in touch with Stephen to discuss your needs. We can tailor sessions from being either a keynote presentation to an interactive lunch and learn workshop.

FInd out more about the organisational services provided

Please visit our dedicated website for organisations https://invokingcuriosity.com or use the contact button below to contact Stephen.