Are you

analytical, logical, intelligent and hardworking

but feeling

stuck, unhappy, drained and unsure?

Are you ready to engage in a programme of coaching?

Programme Format

Five hours of coaching delivered via four one-to-one sessions.

Delivery is online via Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

The first session is two hours long and creates the foundation for the programme

Subsequent sessions are one hour in duration

Programme Costs

The total cost is €800

Payment in instalments if required

Money back guarantee if not satisfied – see terms & conditions

Additional sessions can be included at a rate of €150 per hour

Midlife crisis?

Even successful, intelligent and ambitious people can have a midlife wobble where they question what they’re doing and realise that life is passing them by.  Working even harder by convincing yourself that ‘one day’ it will all be worthwhile doesn’t seem enough; instead, it reinforces the feeling of being stuck. 

It’s not fun being stuck on the hamster wheel of life, spinning faster and faster. What used to make you happy doesn’t anymore. Feeling stuck can be very draining and creates emotions such as frustration, demotivation, anger, and unhappiness, to name but a few.  

Are you ready to slow down the hamster wheel and try something different?

Coaching is a thought-provoking and creative process that will inspire you to reconnect with your purpose and passion.  The process will help you move from being stuck in your head to connecting with your whole self to move forward with confidence, enjoyment and purpose.

Slow down, step back and reflect

Throughout this programme of coaching, you will be able to slow down, take a step back and enter a reflective space.  Rather than a one-size-fits-all, we will use a range of approaches from neuroscience, adult development theory, systemic theory and psychology to create a bespoke programme of coaching to support you and your needs.  

Why work with Stephen?

As a technologist, I’ve worked my way from being a software engineer to working my way up to running a product development function for a multinational organisation. I worked hard, always throwing myself into everything I did. And I reached a point where I wasn’t happy and needed to change. I was burning out. I doubted myself. And I spiralled into an unhappy place.

My lived experience is different to yours, so what worked for me probably won’t work for you. Instead, I will create a safe, reflective space and work to empower you to find the solution that will work for you.

As a professional coach, I’ve gained a PCC credential with the International Coaching Federation, won ICF Ireland coach of the year 2020, and brought my curiosity for understanding technology into the coaching world. I continually develop my coaching knowledge through various training courses and certifications. Along the way, I have absorbed hundreds of books to ground everything I do in the latest research and thinking.

Let’s talk!

If interested or have questions, please use the booking form below to arrange a complimentary chemistry call. This is a commitment-free 30-minute video call via ZOOM. It will allow us to meet each other and discuss whether this programme is right for you.