Midlife Coaching for Engineers

(and other head based thinkers!)

Do you spend your day being analytical and logical and applying your thinking superpowers to solve problems for other people? And yet, despite everything you’ve achieved, you now feel stuck and unhappy and are starting to wonder why?

Perhaps it feels like you’re stuck on the hamster wheel of life, and it’s spinning faster and faster. What used to make you happy doesn’t anymore. Nothing you try seems to work. And it can be exhausting.

Are you ready to slow down that hamster wheel and ignite your curiosity to discover what’s stopping you? Do you want to once again move forward with purpose and confidence and start enjoying life again?

You can explore the options below to find the one that will be most relevant for you.

A One-off Systemic Coaching Session

One-off coaching sessions are ideal for systematically exploring your current situation to become unstuck getting a different perspective.

As we travel through life, we join, leave and belong to many different systems. Sometimes we become entangled. Or, at times, we take responsibility that’s not ours, feel we are giving too much without a return, or work with hidden loyalties.

A one-off coaching session provides deep insights that will generate new awareness. Once this happens, you will be able to know how to move forward without the need for ongoing coaching.

A Programme of Coaching

Sometimes it can be helpful to engage in multiple coaching sessions over a few months. For example, this can be beneficial when you’re working to make a series of changes or overcome various hurdles.

We start by helping you identify a vision for where you’re trying to get to and then support you in each subsequent coaching session to help you move towards making that vision a reality.

As this engagement spans a few months, it can increase accountability for the transformation you seek to make. It can also increase motivation as you will be more aware of your progress.

Coaching For Engineers:  leveraging Stephen's certification as a mental fitness coach

Mental Fitness Group Programme

We all have an inner dialogue that continually narrates the world around us. It’s a normal part of being human. However, there are times when we might let that internal dialogue take over and sabotage our lives. It tells lies and makes false justifications that can take away our confidence, motivation and happiness and increase our lack of self-worth, stress and anxiety. This can be especially true for engineers, technologists and other head-based thinkers.

This Mental Fitness programme was devised by Positive Intelligence and is based on breakthrough research. The programme is delivered over seven weeks in small groups. The group meets virtually for one hour each week. In between times, participants receive content via a smartphone application which includes learning materials and daily practice.

Over the course of the programme, participants will learn how to strengthen their mental fitness muscles so they can handle life’s challenges with a more positive mindset and less stress.

Please note: the above options are for coaching engagements funded by individuals rather than an organisation. To view my offerings for organisations, visit this page instead.