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Book an initial free coaching session

Book an initial free coaching session

Stephen Clements

How do I decide whether coaching is right for me? How do I know if I will get value from it?  If you haven’t had coaching before, it can be quite a daunting experience to choose a coach and get started.  In order to help, I’m offering a free consultation to anyone who’s interested in learning more. During this consultation, you’ll get a flavour of coaching and a chance to learn more, ask questions and experience coaching first hand.  This isn’t a sales call.  You won’t be pressured to sign up to anything. Depending on what you want to get from coaching, you might even achieve it from this free session!

To avail of this free consultation - book you appointment now

Terms & Conditions

  1. Free coaching sessions are confidential in adherance to the ICF Code of Ethics to which the coach has signed up.
  2. Free coaching sessions are offered subject to availability and at the descretion of the coach.
  3. The duration of the free coaching session is at the coaches discretion but are limited to a maximum of 2 hours
  4. The free coaching sessions are not a sales call.  The choice around whether you want to subsequently pay for further coaching sessions is entirely yours to decide and you won't be pressured during the free calls to make a commitment.
  5. To receive a free coaching call, you must be available at the time specified in the calendar appointment and have access to a computer or mobile phone capable of running the Zoom video application.   There is no charge for using this application however you are responsible for any data usage incurred by your mobile operator or any other charges.
  6. Free coaching calls are conducted in English only
  7. Information you provide in the form below, will only be used for the purposes of arranging a free session and for no other purpose.