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Free Supervision Group

Free Supervision Group

Stephen Clements

Just prior to our world being turned upside down due to covid-19, I was fortunate enough to start my Diploma in Coaching Supervision with Coaching Development in the UK.   With coaches and their clients now going through a period of shared change and uncertainty, it feels that their might never have been a greater need for coaching supervision.

To that end, I'd like to volunteer some of my supervision training hours to coaches out there who'd be interested in joining a complementary supervision group for the next 12 months.   This will be a small, focused group of coaches who will meet (virtually) every 6-8 weeks, and who are interested in learning, growing and supporting themselves, and each other, through the challenging times that we find ourselves in.  

To apply to join this group, please press the 'Apply Now' button below and complete the very short form.

Coach Supervision
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