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Are you lost in a day dream of moving towards a vision?

Are you lost in a day dream of moving towards a vision?

Stephen Clements

This was the question that led me to create episode 84 of The Curious Coach Podcast. In this episode I was reflecting on the difference between visioning and dreaming. During which I recognised a connection between two different dimensions, time and action. Or in other words, between the past and future vs Inaction and action.

By plotting these two dimensions I can create a graph. A graph with four quadrants, each of which I define below.

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Dreaming: Creating an imaginary or fantisifull version of what you'd like to happen. whilst at the same time, not taking any steps to making it happen.

Reflection: Visting past events: reviewing, analysing and being curious. Whist this has the potential to generate useful data, there is no movement (yet) towards to the future.

Resisting: Working hard to keep things the same. Fighting against ongoing and inevitable change.

Visioning: Developing a plan or series of goals which take you towards a future vision. You are active and deliberate in how you move forward towards the future.

Its now becoming clear that each quadrant serves a purpose. Also, there's several paths towards visioning, one of which is below. But there are many more!

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With this realisation, stop and ask yourself the following questions.

  • At this moment, which quadrant are you in?
  • By being there, how are your serving your current needs?
  • And with that realisation, are you clear on your own path?

Becoming clear on where you are, your vision, and the path you choose to travel, is a way to spark momentum. And with that momentum, you might be able to turn your dreams into a vision and create your own reality.

I'd love to hear your thoughts and answers to the questions above. Please consider sharing via the comments below or drop me a message!

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