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A Model For Showing Up

A Model For Showing Up

Stephen Clements

What affects how you 'show-up'? Whether it's showing up at work, at home, doing an activity or so on. What determines or affects this? What gives you the motivation, the drive and the commitment to be your best?

In trying to answer this question, I've created a simple model, which I'm excited to share below. I'm still evolving my thinking and so too will the model - this is a work in progress!

I believe there are three main phases that we cycle through. The speed at which we cycle through the various phases will vary. It will depend on the context, situation or task. We may move through the phases without realising it; they might be an subconscious blur. At other times, we find ourselves stuck or crawling through a phase over an extended period of time. This will be at the expense of the other two phases.

The three phases are: recharge, reconnect and reinvigorate. There's a lot more detail behind each of these, but for now, here's a summary.


Imagine you have an internal battery powering everything you do. How do you look after his battery? Balancing demands that draw your energy with ways to recharge. Without balance, you might end up burning out. This phase is about being aware of your energy draws and creating a strategy to recharge. Doing so will result in you looking after your physical and mental wellbeing.


Why do you do the things you do? What lies underneath the surface that makes you, you? This phase is about creating conscious awareness of your values, beliefs and passions. Understanding how they drive you towards how you are 'being' in this world. Or identifying who you want to 'become'. This isn't about action or achievements. It's about your essence; about who you are, deep down inside. Through awareness, you become more connected with your sense of purpose and drive.


With renewed strength and energy, appropriate action will follow. Reinvigorate will give you that momentum. To help you move forward. To take action and make progress. This phase is about 'doing' rather than 'being'.

Getting stuck

What happens if you find yourself stuck? Or spending a lot of time in a single phase? What might this be saying? The following are some examples and not exhaustive.

Prolonged Recharge: Is there an ongoing drain on your battery? One that you're not aware of or addressing? What other recharge strategies do you need to consider? What might you be avoiding? What else might be blocking you moving to reconnect?

Prolonged Reconnect: Are you doing a lot of 'soul searching' without any progress? Are you stuck in a cycle of dreaming? What's your internal dialog saying? What emotions are you experiencing? What do these tell you about what's holding you back? Do you have enough charge in your battery to move forward?

Prolonged Reinvigorate: Are you overly focused on action? With such a focus, what are you avoiding? Or who are you trying to prove something to? What are you driving towards? Will you feel fulfilled when you get there? What would you be doing, if you truly connected with your purpose?

As mentioned at the start, this is work in progress and there's a lot more detail to explore. With that caveat, what's resinated for you? Are you aware of moving through the phases mentioned, or spending more time in one versus the other? Please let me know and share what you notice.